Down Under M8!

Hi Readers! Its been awhile and a lot  has changed since March. My year in Korea came to a close June 30th. I traded in kimchi and soju for kangaroos and palm trees. I miss my students everyday. I always wonder what they are up to and how they are doing. It’s been fun keeping in touch with the good friends I made. Trying out the fashions, eating the foods and influencing the kids was a priceless experience. Despite the prestige, fame and fortune, I left SK. It was one of the best years I’ve ever had! I have a knack for teaching so I may be going back into that career path later on. Each year seems to be better than the last, so I really can’t ask for more.

As I am ever-changing, I don’t forget the same is true for my friends and family around the world…some of you have gotten married, new jobs, graduated, had babies, etc.~ CONGRATS! I hope you know a part of me wishes I could have been there on your special day! I admire those of you who are happy to stay in one place. One day I hope I can make such a commitment! To those a bit less fortunate, stay strong because things will get better! I miss you all endlessly and hope you’ll be free to meet up when I make it back to the states. At the moment, I’m going to try to make it to Ohio for a visit in June.

So I made the move to Brisbane, Australia and I’ll be here for around 6 months. Like moving anywhere its had its ups and downs. Luckily I had a friend pick me up from the airport upon arrival. After staying with him in South Bank, I learned my way around the city and sublet from some Aussie guys. Now I live with 3 Frenchies and an American and I work at a British style pub and restaurant. So far I’ve met mostly cool people from work. I’ve been out and about, tried some typically Australian foods (kangaroolamingtonsVegemite) and survived the ‘winter’! The tropical climate of Brisbane has been quite hospitable. I’m throughly looking forward to a hot December for the first time in my life. Although the tourist sites are at a minimum in the city, the fun has come with the visitors I’ve had…5 and counting! Come wrestle come crocs down under mate! More to come soon xxx


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Workin’ for the fun of it!

I knew February was going to go by quickly. Before it started, I already had plans for each week!

My Work Life

February Birthday Kids

Emma, Molly (5), Sarah, Aiden (6), Holly, Andrew, Patrick, Dylan, and Owen (7 yrs. old).

Nick’s Arrival!

I recruited my college friend to work at my school in Seoul. His name is Nick and he’s also from Toledo.


I got a surprise package from Paris! Happy early birthday to me! Je t’aime Paris…


Welcome Nick and Clare teacher, Goodbye Adam teacher! Staff Dinner at Viking Seafood Buffet followed by noraebong (singing room) and soju many many.

Adam teacher and Sean

Jenny, Chris, (Iris), Danielle, Debbie, Clare, Daisy

(Kai), Amy          *( ) denotes child

Singing Jason Mraz with a Korean music video as background lol.

After party at Rumboats, only the strong survive! I love Angela, and I suspect she loves me too. She is one of our school bus drivers. 🙂

Little did we know, Debbie teacher’s birthday was the following week. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEBBIE!

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*HOLI Snow Bunnies*

Today we took a fieldtrip to Bucheon Sports Complex’s Snow Island. It’s essentially two plastic hills that you can slide down on a blow-up intertube. Needless to say, the kids and I loved it! 🙂 We rode down the big and small hills, in groups and solo. I tried to get some pics between all the fun.

Shawn Teacher and New York class leaving HOLI excitedly!

Donna and intertube selection

The big hill and Brendan, Chloe, Ricky and I headed down together!

Bottom view and NY class down the little hill

I love my SarahBear!!!

Ricky and Ted. Cute Holly!

Future Cheerleaders! I’m starting them early. 😉 Go New York Class!!! #1

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Drag Bingo!

My friend Nevada agreed to dress in drag for Friday bingo at Bar Bliss, so I had to go! I love random weekend events like this. 😛

Nevada loving on Rob

Emily and I

Five thousand won gets you in for five games. A BINGO wins you a double drink of choice for the first couple rounds. The prize values increase with each round! I won the 2nd game! Yippee.

This post is dedicated to Rob Z, a great friend who is headed back to the USA this month. I will miss you infinitely! Meet you on the other side of the globe! XXOO

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HOLI Grad Pics!

Our 7 year olds graduate pre-school in March and recently got their pictures taken. Next year they’re off to elementary school!

Congrats HOLI Class of 2009-2010!

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Girls just wanna be awesome.

Ladies only dates never lack excitement, that’s for sure!

Janine and I at Tom Tom’s for coffee

Nicole and I eating Nepalese – OH SOOO YUMMMY!

Ariel and I at CoCo’s Japanese Curry House ~ Spice it up!!

Official ‘Ladies’ night was hot and disastrous. Love you gals!

Dawn, Myself and Lucy

Emily, Sarah and I

The South African Sweethearts!

Sad toilet at Sortino’s! It doesn’t even seem weird to me that toilet paper doesn’t go in the toilet anymore…

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HOLI Hooters

Made owls with the babies (5 yrs.)! Not tooting my own horn or anything but HEY! they turned out pretty darn good!!! 😀




Tommy wanted Teacher’s owl….No way Jose! 😉

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